SLX Logistics is a third party logistic company (3PL) providing a complete range of transport services across North-America (Canada, United-States & Mexico). Specifically, SLX Logistics differentiates itself from other companies in the industry by providing you expertise, professionalism and peace of mind. We are your key partner when it comes to logistics and transportation. Benefiting from many years of experience in the industry, our philosophy is to build a solid business relationship with our customers, partner carriers and all suppliers.

Servicing most industries, we have the ability to address the specific needs of your company. Having valuable experience within the retail, mining, hydroelectric, heavy machinery, industrial, manufacturing, and many other industries, you can rely on SLX Logistics.

No matter the size or distance, whether it is for domestic or cross-border movement, we assure you that your cargo will always be treated with professional care.

Four parked semi tractor trailer cabs in a row. Shallow dof with foreground out of focus.

This is a photograph of a model semi type truck with flatbed trailer. It is hauling a load of steel pipe.